Dodd Engineering was contracted to design and build bespoke ground level conveyors for transporting different engines on a pallet base throughout the assembly process.

The project necessitated a new and innovative design of conveyor to transport diesel and commercial engines and needed to resolve the following engineering problems:

  • Whether a single ground level conveyor system could be capable of carrying engines of differing sizes, weights and centres of gravity.

  • Whether the designed system would satisfy the client’s requirements in terms of ergonomic and shop floor design.

  • Whether the designed conveyor system was a suitably accurate and precisely timed workflow solution, allowing each engine to be positioned at a particular point in the production process at a predetermined time utilising a defined conveyor type and function.

In particular, issues of size, balance and suspension meant the research and design phase of this project had to address difficult engineering problems exacerbated due to weight distribution issues across the carrying system, resulting in uneven pressure being exerted onto the conveyor by the carrying system.  We produced a new design of conveyor system to meet these needs.

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