Dodd Engineering was contracted to design and build bespoke ‘Body Carriers’ to transport the new Bentley SUV through the production process. The project included the design, 3D modelling and ‘first in class’ development followed by the build of 28 carriers.

The project required a new and innovative design of carrier to transport the new model and needed to resolve the following engineering problems:

  • whether the existing production line could be re-engineered to enable Bentley operatives to work on the new, much larger SUV within the constraints of the  working areas available  throughout its factory.

  • whether the new design of carrier could be configured or modified to accept the new SUV body. This necessitated the development of new SUV picking points to accommodate the different dimensions of different vehicles.

  • whether the redesigned carrier would allow:

      • full access to the vehicle during assembly.
      • the vehicle to be easily rotated in the horizontal plane and pivoted in the vertical plane, thus allowing 360o access to the vehicle body throughout the production process.

Dodd Engineering resolved the design and engineering issues to provide Bentley with working carriers that offered the build flexibility and positioning required to support the introduction of the new model.

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